If your dry eye symptoms are caused by anterior blepharitis, LidPro is the perfect tool and treatment to alleviate symptoms and treat the root cause. At Southern Eye Centers, we offer a range of treatments for dry eye, including LidPro, to help you find relief and improve your quality of life.

What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a common and often chronic condition that causes inflammation of the eyelids. It can affect people of all ages and may result from various factors such as bacterial infections, allergies, or skin conditions. Blepharitis symptoms can include redness, itching, burning, or stinging of the eyes, as well as crusting, scaling, or flaking of the eyelids. It can also cause the eyelashes to become greasy, sticky, or misaligned.

How does LidPro treat blepharitis? 

LidPro is a safe and precise in-office procedure that uses a medical-grade silicone disposable textured cleaning disc to exfoliate and remove scruff (infected debris) from the edges of your eyelashes and eyelids. By effectively removing the biofilm along the eyelid margin, LidPro helps address blepharitis (lid inflammation) and dry eye symptoms. 

How often should LidPro be performed?

To prevent the recurrence of blepharitis and dry eye disease, it is essential to regularly clean your eyelids. We recommend getting LidPro treatments every 4-6 months to decrease bacterial growth and prevent biofilm buildup. If left untreated, the biofilm can quickly develop again, leading to inflammation and damage to the tear glands. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule regular LidPro treatments to prevent symptoms from returning.

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